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Sara Pierce

Hi! I’m Sara Pierce and I help the Zelie team run the weekly Instagram auctions. I’m the one reminding you awesome bidders that times is almost up and I get the pleasure of congratulating the winners!! My shop is TheKeenBean and I offer colorful handmade goodies for babies and mamas, the most popular being my Mushies baby shoes!


@thekeenbeanshop @shopthekeenbean


Allison Seitz

Hi! I am Allison Seitz and I am the maker behind the shop, Small Things Great Love. My shop opened in October 2016 with a desire to help my family while staying home with my kiddo and still play a role in the New Evangelization. I started making rosaries my senior year of high school and almost 20 years later, I still love to make them. I offer many different items all inspired by my personal prayer and the beauty of the Catholic Faith. I am so excited to join the Zelie & Co. team.




Michelle Coury

My name is Michelle Coury and I am the owner/artist of Rough 2 Rustic.

I was gifted with the ability to create beautiful pieces of art and in 2015 I decided that God was calling me to do just that while I stayed home with our boys. Shortly after leaving my full-time office job, we moved our little family back to my home town of Lubbock, Texas. I started creating Catholic pieces and through my art have deepened my faith and grown in so many ways.


One of my favorite songs of all time is the Christmas song "The Little Drummer Boy." I see life in the way that little boy did (yes, I know the song isn't about a REAL boy, but it's still beautiful). We don't have much to give but God gave us each a talent - a gift. How can we use that gift to give back to God? For the little boy, all he had was his drum and his talent, so he played. What I have is the gift of being able to create art from scraps. So, I create joyfully knowing my faith is in God and my creations are for His glory. My goal is to be like the little boy - use what I have, use all that I have, give back the gift that was given to me in a resounding way.



Jessica Connolly

Hi there! My name is Jessica Connolly. I am the owner and designer at Telos Art Shop and Telos Design. After my conversion to conversion to Catholicism in 2011 I began designing liturgical calendars. In addition to designing Catholic jewelry and gifts, I occasionally offer graphic design services (including the new Zelie & Co. website!). 


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