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Rakstar Designs

Rakhi McCormick is a wife and mother who works part-time in youth/young adult/young family ministry at her home parish in Metro Detroit all while trying to keep up with her husband of 10+ years, three young children, and a growing creative business. She is a first-generation Indian-American and a convert from Hinduism. Her greatest joy is speaking light into darkness and encouraging others to discover the beauty and gifts they possess. She uses these pieces of her life as her inspiration as an artist, a writer, and a speaker.  When not chasing her children, you can find her singing, dreaming of Italy, hanging out on Instagram (@rakstardesigns), and making beautiful things and messes, all with coffee in hand. 


Rakstar Designs is Rakhi’s creative studio, her outlet to share the light and love that can become overshadowed by the complexities of life. Through a variety of creative media (some might say it never gets boring!), Rakhi hopes that her work will kindle the spark of the divine that lies in your soul. Rakhi is a founding member of the Zelie & Co Collaborative and currently assists with featured guest relations, the Zelie blog, and the Instagram feed.

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