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Stationery, Books & Planners

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Catholic Planners, Stationery, and Books

Beloved and Blessed


I paint bible and journal covers for your prayer life, as well as wood slices, and make stickers.

Covenant Co.

@covenantplanner on Insta and Facebook.

Covenant Co. features the only journal-style wedding planner designed for Catholic brides. From ceremony to reception, Covenant includes all major decisions you will have to make for your big day. This planner breaks down the details into an easy-to-digest timeline, allowing you to focus on the fun of your wedding and the covenant you are about to enter.

Elizabeth Clare

Elizabeth Clare is known for her practical Catholic planners that have helped thousands of women (and men!) organize their domestic church, grow closer to God and His Church, and live their best life.

Marian Martha Co.


Faithful, virtues-driven Catholic devotional Planner that allows you to order your days toward your ultimate goal! Includes growth-oriented meditation pages on the seven Virtues, undated pages for completely personalized, flexible use, and reference pages with the liturgical calendar in both the Novus and Traditional calendars.

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Seeking Sainthood


Seeking Sainthood is a brand new (and thriving!) online community for young Catholic married couples to walk through life together. Each month, we support each other through our private social media portal and participate in challenges to grow in our marriage and spiritual life including: Sainthood Bible Study, husband & wife Challenge, Monthly Date Night ideas printable, a seasonal service project, and more! Membership to Seeking Sainthood is an excellent gift for any Catholic couple under 40 looking to enrich their marriage and contribute to a community of Catholics!

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Someday Saints


Gina from Someday Saints is passionate about inspiring women and families to seek the holy in their ordinary lives. In the Someday Saints shop, you’ll find items--from prayer journals to keychains to cozy blankets--to make your faith tangible and present at all times.

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Thy Olive Tree


Thy Olive Tree is a publisher of beautiful Catholic books to help you grow strong roots in Catholicism. Most notably, they sell Catholic sacrament record books as well as sacred art Rosary books.

Good Portion Co.


Catholic greeting cards for all occasions, plus notecards, stationery, and more, to foster moments of real human presence.

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12th and Blossom


Watercolor stationery and prints for the home, with a Catholic flavor.

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